UBU Ministries is a Universalist Church.  
We consider all creatures to devolve from the same creator (or creative force).
We revere all religious and philosophic traditions equally and welcome all to commune with us.
Our primary reference is Jesus of Nazareth. Our current leadership is from disciples of Jesus.
Our Church is a Golden Rule Ministry just as we believe Jesus' ministry to have been.
Visit our teachings archive to read more about our mission and teachings.
We offer a full range of group and individual spiritual services 7 days per week.
Current services include, teaching, counseling, healing, education, community development, social activism, employment services, tattooing and piercing.

Meeting Schedule
Currently services are provided weekly in Republic and other locations in Michigan and elsewhere.
Email the church at for a schedule of public meetings.
Members and Invited Guests Are Welcome!   

Ministerial and Teaching Services including Healing & Counseling
Rev. Dr. Gregory Lowrey 
UBU Tattoo Services
About Tattoos & Spirituality

Tattoo Photos
Tattoos by Minister & Master Tattoo Artist Kita Kazoo